Himalaya, Comfort Cleanse, 60 вегетарианских капсул инструкция, применение, состав, противопоказания

Инструкция по применению Himalaya, Comfort Cleanse, 60 вегетарианских капсул: состав препарата, описание, рекомендации как принимать, калорийность, энергитическая ценность, противопоказания, дозировка, лечебные свойства и побочные действия. Также, на нашем сайте можно почитать отзывы на русском языке, ознакомиться с ценами в рублях и купить данный товар со скидкой 5-20% на официальном сайте iHerb (Айхерб). Всегда актуальные акции, купоны, распродажи, коды, промокоды и скидки iHerb.Himalaya, Comfort Cleanse, 60 вегетарианских капсул

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Инструкция по применению Comfort Cleanse, 60 вегетарианских капсул производителя Himalaya: состав, полезные лечебные свойства, побочные действия, дозировка

Описание, свойства, действие препарата

  • Since 1930
  • Gluten Free
  • Happiness through Wellness
  • For Gentle, Reliable Colon Cleansing
  • Relief from Occasional Constipation
  • Includes Ginger
  • Non GMO Project Verified
  • Herbal Supplement
  • 1 Month Supply
  • cGMP
  • Vegan Friendly
  • No Wheat, No Corn, No Soy, No Dairy

Ayurvedic science wrote that all things in balance were cyclical in nature: day to night, winter to summer, wakefulness to sleep. It also described a pattern of elimination that is an indicator of balance and wellness. When the cycle occasionally becomes irregular the goal is not to force a pattern but to restore internal balance.

Ginger and Licorice are among the most restorative herbs Ayurveda suggests. Both are found in Comfort Cleanse and have been used for millennia to promote wellness from stomach to colon by promoting the immune system’s protective barrier and encouraging regular elimination.

Happiness through Wellness

Crafting traditional medicines based on Ayurveda, a 5,000 year old science that believes the journey back to wholeness begins with nurturing the capacity for joy.

Trusting the gifts of nature and the irreplaceable relationship between the plant and its native soil for consistent healing properties.

Contributing to the wellness of the earth by teaching our family or farmers to grow native plants sustainably on their land and reduce the demand on the local environment.

Building communities by advocating women in farming, protecting fair prices, providing maternal health, sponsoring clinical services and offering school wellness programs.

Believing that if wellness is the path to happiness we must contribute to the wellness of all things. Wellness of people, wellness of the environment, wellness of our communities.

Family Owned For More Than 85 Years

Показания к применению, рекомендации как принимать

Adults take 2 capsules before bedtime.

Состав, входящие компоненты

Plant based cellulose (capsule), tapioca starch.

Featured herbs on front: Ginger (rhizome), licorice (root) & chebulic myrobalan (dried fruit).

No ingredients of animal origin.

Противопоказания к применению, побочные эффекты, предупреждения

As with any supplement, consult a healthcare practitioner before use if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, have a medical condition or are planning any medical procedure. Discontinue use and consult a healthcare practitioner if any adverse reactions occur. Keep out of reach of children.

Состав, энергетическая ценность, калорийность
Размер порции: 2 Capsules
Порций в контейнере: 30
  В одной порции % Daily Value
Proprietary herbal blend 500 mg *
Indian jalap (root), chebulic myrobalan (fruit rind), chicory (seed), Cassia occidentalis (seed), black nightshade (whole plant), licorice (root), ginger (rhizome), vidanga (fruit).    
*Daily Value not established.